About Us

ABC Construction

Welcome to ABC Construction, your foundation and drainage care provider! The foundation is the most essential aspect of a home, and we take pride in protecting it. We are licensed and have more than two decades of experience working in the trade, specializing in raised foundations and the drainage systems of residential homes.

ABC Construction is comprised of two departments, our foundation department (Earthquake Ready Solutions) and our drainage department (The Drainage Agents). We provide both foundation and drainage services, because the strength and durability of a foundation is largely defined by how well water drains around it. Drainage plays a big role in the health of your foundation. A proper drainage system can extend the life of your foundation and help protect your investment.

That’s where ABC Construction stands beside you. Our expertise and services include foundation and drainage assessments, installation, repairs, and upgrades. During an assessment, our team of foundation specialists will crawl under your house to inspect your foundation, and they will also evaluate the land. Some homes require more complex solutions than others. For this reason, we aim to teach you about your specific foundation needs and options, so you can make informed, economical decisions and rest with peace of mind.